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Superfighters in fullscreen

2015-01-03 09:28:55 by Gurt

Did you know that Superfighters can be run in fullscreen by pressing F12? It only works on sites allowing fullscreen flash content (like Newgrounds!).

We recommend to lower the graphics quality to low or medium when playing in fullscreen depending on your computer.

Superfighters Deluxe

2012-11-27 13:35:44 by Gurt

Latest updates for Superfighters Deluxe can of course be found at Mytho-Logic Interactive. You can drop questions on the forum.

Check out Superfighters Deluxe Wiki by our fans!

SFD Progress

2012-08-02 06:16:11 by Gurt

Some progress notes:

If feel like we're making huge progress on Superfighters Deluxe even with the little time we can spend on it. Thanks for everyone testing out the Pre-Alpha and giving us feedback.

The upcoming update will change a lot of things (but the gameplay remains about the same for this update). We've spent much time on the engine itselft and of course the map editor, trying to give us (and eventually you) the tools you need to create awsome maps that you can play with others.

SFD 1.0.5 close

2012-06-28 16:11:43 by Gurt

Superfighters Deluxe PreAlpha got some big problems from the first day we launched the PreAlpha. Most noticeable the problems with the automatic updates. Now we have spent about 1-2 weeks on a new launcher system that's much better. You will be able to see updates for Superfighters Deluxe just through the launcher itself!

Superfighters Deluxe PreAlpha 1.0.5 is now available from Over the coming weeks and updates we will try to isolate and hopefully solve the physic problems some of you have when a game starts.

If you get any error reports please send them to us by pressing "Yes" when the error dialog appear, thanks :)

Future features we plan can be found by following this link.

SFD 1.0.5 close

Superfighters Deluxe PreAlpha !

2012-06-12 17:42:33 by Gurt

You can now download Superfighters Deluxe PreAlpha from

- We have encountered some new problems with the automatic updater for Superfighters Deluxe. So we will disable it for now. We will soon release an updated setup.exe instead that you can download. Thanks to everyone reporting in problems related to the launcher :)

- Trouble hosting/joining? You may want to consider to set up port-forwarding. The port used can be found and changed in the config.ini file in the installation folder.

Some videos

2012-05-31 07:03:19 by Gurt

Superfighters just reached over 1,000,000 views here on Newgrounds. So here's a video of some development footage over Superfighters (the flash version, not Deluxe!).

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And here's the latest Superfighters Deluxe Pre-Alpha trailer. Enjoy!

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If all goes well, the pre-alpha will be available for download some time in June.

Some Work In Progress

2012-05-25 03:06:47 by Gurt

Johan Hjärpe made a WIP (Work In Progress) video of our latest game, Superfighters Deluxe

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This video only shows what we have made so far and may not be representative of the final game.
We still have tons of stuff to add, bugs to fix and tweaks to make :)

Short status update

2012-05-07 15:54:40 by Gurt is under construction in preparation for Superfighters Deluxe.
Superfighters Deluxe public game server browser now works as we want.
Still a lot to add to the game :)

MythoLogic Website Update

2012-04-26 16:26:25 by Gurt

Beginning week 18 will be down for a few weeks. We will redesign the website and start implementing the online features for Superfighters Deluxe beginning with the multiplayer game server browser. For all this to be possible we're changing the current technology from PHP to ASP. Unfortunately, this means that everything on the server will be wiped, including the forums.

We will continue working on Superfighters Deluxe of course, adding more gameplay elements rather than working "under the hood".

SFD Update!

2012-03-05 16:28:58 by Gurt

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