SFD Progress

2012-08-02 06:16:11 by Gurt

Some progress notes:

If feel like we're making huge progress on Superfighters Deluxe even with the little time we can spend on it. Thanks for everyone testing out the Pre-Alpha and giving us feedback.

The upcoming update will change a lot of things (but the gameplay remains about the same for this update). We've spent much time on the engine itselft and of course the map editor, trying to give us (and eventually you) the tools you need to create awsome maps that you can play with others.


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2012-08-02 06:30:04

:D :D :D


2012-08-02 13:41:51

cool when is it coming out?

Gurt responds:

The update? I don't know. When it's done :P At a minimum 2-3 weeks from now I guess.


2012-10-08 18:54:44

when i downloaded it form your site the file would never open... so basically i never got to play it T_T


2012-10-09 19:22:17

nevermind i got it working but the problem is i cant download 1.1.1 :(

Gurt responds:

Running the launcher as administrator solves most problems related to the launcher.