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Barbarian Onslaught - The Secret of Steel RELEASED!

2009-06-05 16:03:46 by Gurt

"Barbarian Onslaught - The Secret of Steel" is now available for you to play! Check it out here.

Also check out hzlancer's profile here, he composed all the great tracks you can hear in the game.

And after you have finished the game you will unlock a bonus level with the classic survival mode. Killing enough enemies on this level will unlock even another bonus level.

I really want to thank everyone that voted and reviewed on the demo. We have read all your reviews and suggestions and some of your suggestions can be seen in the full game. So keep reviewing!


Play this game in medium or low quality and try to use another webbrowser than IE8 if you're playing in full screen mode for best preformance.


Known issues:

- We've got reports of a glitch were the barbarian falls through the ground. Try to lower the quality and/or disable camera effects in the options menu. We think this problem is caused when playing in high quality.

- The player can get stuck in an attack-loop. Tap space several times should fix this. If it's not working Pause (P / Esc / Right-click - Pause) and press "Save and exit level" and restart the level.

- Enemies rotating in the air and vanishing.

- The second boss, Zöggot, may stop spawning its tentacles when you hit its head. You will have to restart from the boss (Pause > Save and Exit Level).


Keep reviewing! It's important!

Barbarian Onslaught - The Secret of Steel RELEASED!