Short status update

2012-05-07 15:54:40 by Gurt is under construction in preparation for Superfighters Deluxe.
Superfighters Deluxe public game server browser now works as we want.
Still a lot to add to the game :)


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2012-05-13 06:08:25

I do love Superfighters, and I hope that Deluxe version will be even better. Good job, keep it up.

Gurt responds:

Of course it will be better :)


2012-05-16 23:35:30

I love superfighters, and I'm sure I'm going to love the sequel


2012-05-18 08:50:26

if super fighters deluxe will be as awesome and unstoppably cool as i think it is then it will become my first favorite game on the web ( right now first place belongs to super fighters)


2012-05-22 17:35:22


Superfighters deluxe must be a good game. After all, the site is taking a while to update