SFD 1.0.5 close

2012-06-28 16:11:43 by Gurt

Superfighters Deluxe PreAlpha got some big problems from the first day we launched the PreAlpha. Most noticeable the problems with the automatic updates. Now we have spent about 1-2 weeks on a new launcher system that's much better. You will be able to see updates for Superfighters Deluxe just through the launcher itself!

Superfighters Deluxe PreAlpha 1.0.5 is now available from mythologicinteractive.com. Over the coming weeks and updates we will try to isolate and hopefully solve the physic problems some of you have when a game starts.

If you get any error reports please send them to us by pressing "Yes" when the error dialog appear, thanks :)

Future features we plan can be found by following this link.

SFD 1.0.5 close


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2012-06-28 17:13:57

Awesome can't wait to play it

Gurt responds:

The real Alpha is still months away, and I can't wait until we finish that :P


2012-07-01 21:31:13

Um, I just downloaded the PreAlpha 1.0.5 but I'm still having the same problem as before. Whenever I click on the icon the launcher pops up, but every time I press the start game button the launcher just disappears and nothing happens. I'm getting the feeling that this game does not want me to play it. DX

Gurt responds:

The launcher is a separate application from the game itself. Make sure you run the launcher as administrator. You can also try to start the game manually by open the folder where you installed Superfighters Deluxe and try to run "Superfighters Deluxe.exe". If "Superfighters Deluxe.exe" doesn't start at all delete "Superfighters Deluxe.exe" and start the launcher to download it again. If "Superfighters Deluxe.exe" keeps stop responding contact me again.


2012-07-02 12:48:54

Nope. I just tried that and nothing happens. My computer is relatively old, maybe that has something to do with it?


2012-07-08 03:31:45

Great game, it looks like it is going to be a good game just by playing the alpha. :3


2012-07-26 15:10:21

Is the server browser working correctly, because every time i try to join a game, there isn't one to join... Is this a problem with my computer, or is it just that there really are no servers available? (I've refreshed it multiple times and still nothing sows up, and have also tried to join some servers via I.P., but it still doesn't work...)


2012-07-26 15:10:56

sorry about that, I didnt mean to spam

Gurt responds:

It's working correctly. It's just that few people have lobbies up and running. Only people hosting lobbies will be listed. We will in the future allow drop-in into games, hopefully more games will be listed if people choose to allow drop-in into their games while they play. Not many wait in a lobby longer than required before starting :)