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HLSL shaders

2012-02-05 11:56:37 by Gurt

We have finally made a shader for Superfighters Deluxe that will allow us to render everything in gray-scale! For Superfighters we wanted the menu gameplay to be rendered in a gray-scale but each time the garbage collector run it wiped out the gray-scale effect for a short time for some reason which we couldn't solve. So we just added some blending instead that changed color over time.

But now we have a shader for Superfighters Deluxe that will do the gray-scale job for us (and slightly more) for shader 1.x!

The hardest part with shader 1.x is the limited amount of instructions and registers to use. The good side is that it's supported by a wide range of hardware so even my old IBM T60 laptop can run it.

A little status update

2012-01-04 14:33:01 by Gurt

The work with Superfighters Deluxe have been slow going because of other projects consuming time. While studying parallel systems I have been making a parallel ray tracer with another student. Soon this course will be over and I hope there will be plenty of time for Superfighters Deluxe after that.

(The ray tracer itself is very simple, only spheres and planes, hard shadows, supersampling and reflections)

A little status update

A simple multiplayer test done

2011-10-30 07:12:24 by Gurt

A while ago I finished a simple multiplayer test demo using XNA 3.1 and Lidgren Network library. It works well and the gameplay is simple. One hosts, others join. Up to 8 players can play against each other.

Here's a little video of the test.

/* */
Now I will experiment using Box2D and Lidgren Network together :)

Superfighters downloadable!

2011-10-06 17:19:33 by Gurt

"You can now download Superfighters as an .exe file - no more having to play in a browser! This means you can play offline, enter fullscreen without hassle and use Fraps to capture those awesome/funny moments. Enjoy!"

Where? Download at MythoLogic Interactive!

MythoLogic Pong

2011-10-01 06:12:58 by Gurt

The past week or so I made a multiplayer pong game using Lidgren.Network library for XNA, I call it "MythoLogic Pong". All you have to do is to connect to an opponent's IP. It also works over Hamachi.

You can download and install the game completely free from MythoLogic Interactive.

I made this game in order to learn how Lidgren.Network works and how to create a multiplayer game (which I have never done before) and how to optimize the data packages being sent. All this to prepare for Superfighters Deluxe.

Superfighters Deluxe

2011-09-17 08:02:52 by Gurt

This is just a status update.

Johan Hjärpe and I, we're planning and working on Superfighters Deluxe, the sequel for Superfighters. We don't know when an early playable alpha will be available but it will for sure take some months before that.

Any new information will be available at

New Superfighters maps!

2011-07-30 09:04:42 by Gurt

We have released 2 new maps for Superfighters! These maps will be available in the next updated version of Superfighters v 1.3!

For more information visit

Superfighters second update!

2011-07-28 13:12:03 by Gurt

We have released a second update for Superfighters! (This update got v 1.2 in the top left corner in the loading screen)

The second update for Superfighters includes:
- New content: Survival mode, alone or co-op. Fight against endlessly spawning enemies
- A Newgrounds medal you can win by finishing stage mode (It looks like it doesn't show, but it registers at least to your account).
- A message telling you that you have completed stage mode
- All players (except easy bots) will be immune to damage for a few second at the start of each round
- Also fixed a bug with the weapon spawn system, fixing weapon-spots not being able to spawn weapons correctly after a player grabs a weapon at that spot. Yeah..

For more information visit

Superfighters stage mode overview

2011-07-24 13:12:53 by Gurt

I wrote down a list showing exactly what you will meet in each challenge in the stage mode part of Superfighters. You can see the list here.

When the update is playable you will only need to complete each challenge once in order to progress. We also changed some more, see my previously post or this link.

Superfighters update

2011-07-23 04:33:19 by Gurt

We have now released an update for Superfighters. It may take some time before it is available.
The update includes:

- Improved visibility of players and weapons
- AI difficulty has been tweaked slightly
- In Stage Mode we removed the "best of 3" condition - you now only need to win the stage once to advance to the next
- Other minor stuff

It may take some time for the update to be available so be patient. It should say "v 1.1" in the top left corner during the loading screen.