Superfighters Deluxe PreAlpha !

2012-06-12 17:42:33 by Gurt

You can now download Superfighters Deluxe PreAlpha from

- We have encountered some new problems with the automatic updater for Superfighters Deluxe. So we will disable it for now. We will soon release an updated setup.exe instead that you can download. Thanks to everyone reporting in problems related to the launcher :)

- Trouble hosting/joining? You may want to consider to set up port-forwarding. The port used can be found and changed in the config.ini file in the installation folder.


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2012-06-13 00:59:19

cool ima download it right now


2012-06-13 03:55:14

The game doesn't work :(

Gurt responds:

In what way?
The game is for Windows only at the moment.
Does the installer run at all?
Does the game start to load?
Any errors generated?


2012-06-13 06:17:40

I have a problem too :(
Multiplayer doesn't works, I have waited for 300 attempts but nothing was hapened. Also nobody can't connect to me, because I was created game, and waited for 30min but nobody wasn't connect to me :(

I really want to play this game, I was played Superfighters for hours and enjoyed that. Please, tell me what I need to do or fix something.
I'm russian, so excuse for my bad english :D

(Updated ) Gurt responds:

Connecting to other players may or may not work.

Easiest way to make sure people can join you is by hosting a game and let a friend join you (by typing in your IP directly or your Hamachi IP if you have Hamachi).
If none can join you might need to set up port-forwarding. This may be because you're behind a NAT-box or firewall.

If you open the config.ini file in the installation folder you can view and choose which port to host on. You can set the automaticPortForwarding to 1 if you want the game to make an attempt to automatically port-forward the game (may or may not work depending on other settings :P).

Also make sure no anti-virus program blocks the game or run it in a sandbox environment.

Joining a game shouldn't take more than 10 attempts.


2012-06-13 07:14:40

Ok, I set the automaticPortForwarding to 1 and now when I host a game in the chat shows up the message "connected port forwarding failed or already forwarded". Also I don't have anti-virus and my firewall is fully shutdown.
And this all doesn't helped. I have notebook, Windows 7, Ram 2gb, Dual-core, and normal videocard.
I don't know what to do :( But I'm mad on this game :D And I need to play it !!!


2012-06-13 10:25:14

I have Windows 7. I start to play and suddenly the picture stuck and then I die
P.S the game have multiplayer that you can play with friends in the same computer?


2012-06-13 12:44:39

Hi! Been waiting on this release for a while!

Unfortunately whenever I start a game (alone, game lobby only worked once with this same issue) every destructible on the map breaks or glitches and the player kind of stutters around the spawn.

Are there any bugs in playing one man games?

error report looks like so, maybe a sound issue to do with the volume parameter for players landing after spawn?:

Superfighters Deluxe - Unhandled Error

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-Alpha v.1.0.1 - Unhandled Error
Status: Game, False, Game

Error: Bad incoming message for client
Error: MultiPacket error at 'MultiPacket'
System.Exception: Error: Could not play sound PLAYERLAND
[volume outside of range 0.0 - 1.0]
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
Parameter name: value
at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio.SoundEffectInsta nce.set_Volume(Single value)
at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio.SoundEffect.Play (Single volume, Single pitch, Single pan)
at SFD.SoundHandler.PlaySoundEffectGroup(SoundEff ectGroup seg, Single volume, Single pitch, Single pan)
at SFD.SoundHandler.PlaySoundEffectGroup(SoundEff ectGroup seg, Single volume, Single pitch, Single pan)
at SFD.SoundHandler.PlaySoundEffect(String soundId)
at SFD.SoundHandler.PlaySound(String soundId, Vector2 worldPosition, Single volumeModifier, GameOwnerEnum gameOwner)
at SFD.Client.HandleDataMessage(MessageType msgType, NetIncomingMessage msg)
at SFD.Client.HandleDataMessage(MessageType msgType, NetIncomingMessage msg)
Void HandleDataMessage(SFD.MessageType, Lidgren.Network.NetIncomingMessage)
at SFD.Client.HandleDataMessage(MessageType msgType, NetIncomingMessage msg)
at SFD.Client.readRun()

Gurt responds:

You're not the first one with this problem. We will try to fix as much as possible as soon as possible when we have some time over :)


2012-06-13 12:59:58

Hmm... I don't know what hapened but all works excellent. But at now I'm in countryside and my network connection is too slow so I can't play normally, too much lags. Can't wait till get back to country ! This game is epic and now I really love retro games. But the best of the best is physics, I like to drop enemies in acid and throw on them boxes. So made maps with moooore fu**ing acid and crates on chains :)


2012-06-13 13:44:57

Thanks for the confirmation!

Also is local multiplayer ever coming back?

Gurt responds:

We don't know yet. The main problem is keyboard ghosting. Superfighters Deluxe uses more buttons than Superfighters so that problem will be even more noticable.

For now we will concentrate to make the multiplayer part work smoother :)


2012-06-13 19:43:28

Excuse me, Mr. Gurt. Will the free version ever be a mac game?


2012-06-13 21:15:34

It doesnt work for me either. I downloaded everything and installed and I got the Superfighter Deluxe Launcher and It just stopped and I waited for around 20 minutes or more. All it says it" Checking Files" and its been there for a while.Know what happened?

(Updated ) Gurt responds:

Um not sure, I will look into that.

My conclusion is that 'checking files' will get stuck if you don't have read or write permissions for Superfighters Deluxe installation folder and all of its sub-folders. I can't think of any other reasons :/


2012-06-14 00:44:05

will there be AI in SFD? and how about local playing?

(Updated ) Gurt responds:

AI yes, for the Beta in the future!
Local plaing? 2 player on the same computer? Maybe for a future Alpha or Beta


2012-06-14 15:42:34

Hello again, just in case this isnt documented yet, still getting that same physics behavior at the start of a game, however sounds are working fine, and the game usually doesnt crash.


2012-06-14 16:19:39

When about the game will finished ? How often will updates comes up ? Do you correct the game physics ? I don't know, but I think that Superfighters physics is more better.
Please, answer. :)

Gurt responds:

This is just the PreAlpha. The final game is still months away. Maybe we will have the Alpha done by next year :)
A multiplayer game compared to a single player game is so much different, you have to somehow hide the network latency (which affect the physics :/ )

Everything in the PreAlpha is just the start. EVERYTHING will be better over time when we have time to work on this, iron out the flaws and fix the bugs :) Keep in mind that we can't work 8 hours a day on Superfighters Deluxe, that's why it will take time time time.

"This is a pre-alpha version and not representative of the final game! Most of the planned features are either incomplete or nonexistent."


2012-06-14 16:43:45

Thanks ! I'm sure you will do the best !!!


2012-06-15 09:32:56

Sorry for posting there, I just don't know where else I can do it.
Anyone, join to my Superfighters Deluxe server and let's fight !!!
IP :)

Gurt responds:

A real troll :D Can't join you via localhost :P


2012-06-15 13:05:32

That's because I wasn't at home :D


2012-06-15 13:13:41

Hey, can someone give me a link on Superfighters Deluxe community ? And if it don't exist then how soon it will be ?
And what the hell ?! Anyone who connects to my server have so much lags, but my network connection is fast enough - 3 mb

(Updated ) Gurt responds:

We will add links to any Superfighters Deluxe community when it's available on

Also we will continue to work on, so check back later again for latest news, updates and possible future forums / communities.

We're aware that the game lags when there's more than 2-3 players in the same game. We will try to optmimize and minimize the network traffic generated in the near future.

Thanks for your patience!


2012-06-15 20:52:02

Excuse me, will there be a mac version for SFD

(Updated ) Gurt responds:

As for now, we don't know. SFD is developed using XNA.

Superfighters Deluxe may work for Mac if you use Wine, but it's not tested

We will soon enough look into somthing called MonoXNA, which allows XNA games to run on Macs.

But this isn't our top priority right now.


2012-06-16 02:42:16

When did you write the first line of code of the game! A more exact date, please:D

Gurt responds:

Um, if we include all the tests we made (Like a multiplayer Pong to try out networking) if would be somewhere around August 2011.

But for Superfighters Deluxe, the first line of code was written late in November 2011.

If I take Superfighers development time (18 months) as a some sort of messurment to estimate when the SFD Alpha will be done, it should be first half of 2013 :)


2012-06-16 02:45:02

The game didn't win any prises at the Swedish Game Awards, did it?

Gurt responds:

The final is 20 June, but we wasn't even nominated so I guess not :)

Compared to all other contenstant our game had very little content to offer (1 map, multiplayer only, no campaign yet) so that was no surprise :)


2012-06-18 12:16:48

Is the game using Hamachi to run the network system? Thanks for the previews answers :D

Gurt responds:

Hamachi is just a way to simulate a LAN. The game doesn't use it to run the "network system".


2012-06-21 20:18:18

I like the new gun aiming and techniques, although when I make a game, everything just is smashing around, and I just clip into a billboard and am just STUCK. other than that I like it.

Gurt responds:

We hope we will isolate the issue causing that problem so we can fix it.


2012-06-22 17:04:21

your squeal doesn't work yeah im calling it that because the way it's been functioning i cant even call it game long story shot it = poo

Gurt responds:

We know that the Pre-Alpha contains lots of problems, which we are currently trying to solve to make the Alpha version of the game as good as possible (The game is FAR from finished, still at least a year of work).

Otherwise thanks for the... um... constructive criticism!

We will try to fix the problem "poo" as you define it.


2012-06-23 15:20:34

sorry about that i was just a little mad that it wasn't working


2012-06-27 09:42:54

Hey I installed the game and everything but whenever I try to play it a tiny window with the title on it pops up for a few seconds and then it disapears. I WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gurt responds:

I think it's the broken launcher you see. You better wait for the PreAlpha 1.0.5 version with a new improved correct working launcher.

If you still want to try it out with a friend (using another computer, local MP not implemented yet) you will have to go into the SFD installation folder and delete any "temp" folder you may find there, then start "Superfighters Deluxe.exe" to ignore the launcher.


2012-06-27 13:06:18

thanks, about how long should it take for the PreAlpha 1.0.5 version to come out?

Gurt responds:

A few more days! 1.0.5 will include a new improved launcher system.


2012-09-01 11:08:41

hello , i have a bug..


2012-09-10 22:02:08

hey everyone um... can you tell me release date because i use my sisters computer and shewont let me download ANYTHING so what date?


2012-11-03 00:08:45

umm when play the game it works fine but when i update it it says "Unable to create files unauthorised access" what can i do to fix it? ANd i like apples :D


2013-03-03 02:37:55

many error!But i still working to find the good superfighte