Superfighters Deluxe

2012-11-27 13:35:44 by Gurt

Latest updates for Superfighters Deluxe can of course be found at Mytho-Logic Interactive. You can drop questions on the forum.

Check out Superfighters Deluxe Wiki by our fans!


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2013-01-04 13:19:43

hey, I just got a new laptop, and I downloaded superfighters deluxe, but it won't let me update to the 1.1.5 version, so I'm stuck with the 1.1.0 version. whenever I try to update it, it keeps saying error 17.


2013-01-07 09:14:08

When will you add NPC's to the game?

Gurt responds:

We're still in the Pre-Alpha phase. I guess once we reach late Alpha - which is still many months away.


2014-02-14 07:26:57

super cant wait to play it


2014-12-16 11:42:30

You should totally greenlight this game on steam!!