Some Work In Progress

2012-05-25 03:06:47 by Gurt

Johan Hjärpe made a WIP (Work In Progress) video of our latest game, Superfighters Deluxe

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This video only shows what we have made so far and may not be representative of the final game.
We still have tons of stuff to add, bugs to fix and tweaks to make :)


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2012-05-26 13:59:41

Great! Nice mecanics and artwork.
What is the purpose of "Space - Vote to continue"?
What do we vote for?
Is a bug making the screen grey?

Gurt responds:

The "Space - Vote to continue" appear when a match is over. The majority of the players have to pass this vote in order to start next match. In "Superfighters" you only had to press space to start the next match, but now with multiplayer support the majority needs to pass on it.

The level becomes gray-scaled when you have low health or when you're dead.


2012-05-27 13:03:52

yeah what he said i just hope it comes out


2012-05-29 13:16:37



2012-06-02 17:08:40

your welcome?